Welcome to the Morgan Motorcycle Club

We are a family orientated club who pride ourselves in providing a location where the whole family can experience the pleasures of racing a motorcycle in a safe and controlled environment.

Race day is fairly easy affair with sign on starting on Sunday morning (possibly Saturday night dependent upon one or more volunteers sleeping overnight!!) from about 7.30am. Scrutineering happens after sign-on with riders brief at about 8.45am. The warm-up starts at 9am with racing at 10am. During the day, there are three races for each class with 50cc and 65cc having 3 laps with everyone else completing 4 laps.

At the end of the day is the presentation for 1st, 2nd & 3rd and all demo 50cc riders getting on the podium for their efforts. Awards are given out and the chance to thank their sponsors (mainly mum and dad!!). When the demo riders get the microphone, this often is a highlight of the day with some of their comments. A Rider of the Month is also awarded with a voucher thanks to some of our various supporters of the club.

Throughout the year, we have 8 rounds with all of the race results over the year added up so we can award the class champion and club champion. This happens in our final meeting of the year which is also our AGM meeting. Please note, to be eligible for these class champion results, you must be a member of the club before the end of Round three.

While we race motocross, we will never forget that we have a lot of history with long track speedway with the Morgan Mile and 1/2 Mile events that were run during the 1970's. We pay respect to these events and hold them dear to our hearts with the dream of hopefully re-establishing them once again. This is why we are a Motorcycle Club and not a motocross club.

To find out when we are racing, check out our calendar. We race in all weather conditions, hot or wet, it doesn't matter. We will race!

Interested in racing?

Contact someone from the club (friend, Facebook, website) to get a basic idea of what to expect when racing and what they actually think of it.
You will need to know how to ride a motorcycle safely and understand what the various flags and signals mean on a race track. The motorcycle must be able to pass scrutineering inspection along with your helmet.
Junior (Under 16)
Everyone under 16 years of age has to complete the Kickstart program. This will explain the whole process of being on a race track and everything you will see when racing. Kickstart needs to be completed before your first time on the track. Apply for club membership and once approved, apply for a race licence on RiderNet.
Seniors (16 and above)
Apply for club membership and once approved, apply for a licence on RiderNet.

At your first race meeting, introduce yourself at the sign in box. We will help you with any questions you have and make sure you have a great time on the track. If this is all too hard, go to the club contacts page and ring us. Always happy to talk and get new people involved in racing.